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Rockstar Wigs was a winner in our recent í«Our Beautiful Customersí» competition. We were really delighted that she agreed to do a video for all of our community, to tell them about the amazing Disc wig from Ellen Wille.

í░Ií»ve been part of the Simply Rockstar Wigs cheap community for about five years now when I first started experiencing permanent hair loss. Ií»m so grateful actually that I found Simply Wigs right at the beginning of my journey with coping losing my hair because they have just been so fab and so brilliant. What could have potentially for me been a very traumatic time, they made it relaxing and more importantly fun. To be honest I had very bad bio hair. Very fine, very frizzy and basically just had to have the same hairstyle most of my life. So Ií»ve got to tell you that Ií»ve gone a bit mad in the last five years and I think Ií»ve probably bought well over thirty wigs by now. Ií»m probably a bit of a í«wigaholicí«. You should probably send help, but I just love it!í▒

A definite must have for the more trendy amongst us. A fabulously, modern style with a longer, side sweeping fringe. You have a destiny to be gorgeous. The Rockstar Wigs online wig can take you there!