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Introducing the Noriko 2019 new styles and colours. They have really stepped into the super trendy world of Blonde Ombre Wig and we are incredibly giddy to share them with you! These new styles and colours are cutting edge, incredibly gorgeous and stand out from the rest.

The Elliot wig from Noriko Is a fabulous, sassy and trendy style with a beautiful face framing fringe and feathered layers. This style will definitely leave you feeling glamorous all day long.

The Eden wig by Noriko is a lovely, feminine and modern style that we know you will love. It is quite similar to the brazilian hair wigs by Rene of Paris, just with longer crown layers and more loose curls! Don¡¯t miss out on this beautiful look.

Simply cheap Blonde Ombre Wig are excited to introduce you to the Zion wig by Noriko. A gorgeous, sleek bob that has razor cut edges to modernize the style. Why not try this shade in the beautiful, new ¡®Melted Plum¡¯ shade?

There are 6 new, fabulous colours available from brazilian hair wigs. The Lavender Blush R and Seaglass R are gorgeous, hybrant pastels that aren¡¯t too bold and have a lighter root for a more natural appearance. There is also a new melted blend shade¡­ ¡®Melted Plum¡¯. A beautiful mix of Purple and Pink which graduates into a White at the tips. The Smoky Grey R, Honey Brown R and Deep Smoky Brown are fabulous additions and are more natural and subtle shades.

Blonde Ombre Wig outlet are in awe of the new styles and colours from Noriko and they never fail to impress us! We hope our community loves them just as much as we do.

Remember, you can always call us on 01484 844557, where we will be happy to chat with you. Choosing the right wig and colours is important and we are here to help!